Josh and Mak International which was formerly a name only attached to quality legal advice and representation, has now expanded into business advice and services tailored specifically for our current and prospective business clients navigating the murky waters of todays uncertain and risky global transactions. We are proud to present to you a multidisciplinary team of procurement experts, logistical advisors and international sourcing giants all which have now come to work with us directly.

Josh and Mak for Business, is the result of our international collaboration as a law firm all year in 2020, with a number of verified and high ranking businesses, who have come to rely on our help and expertise to successfully execute complicated transactional contracts where a lot of the contracting and contract management relies on online execution.

Our need to separate the platform to deal with such clients from our general clientele at our law firm, into a dedicated portal has arisen from a number of factors. First of all, our standing as our law firm does not allow us to broker contracts, which means that we have to step out of our role as a law firm or lawyers for this venture, and endeavour to give you advice which is tailored to your business needs.

How are these business law services different from the advice you are receiving from other sourcing channels or law firms?

Well for starters, consider this. At the dawn of COVID 19’s potential economic slowdown when a lot of our rival law firms suffered, our flexible approach to legal advice allowed us to stay in business. So, there were a number of contracts occurring globally for PPE and the chaos allowed for a large potential of fraud, poor services, and even non-delivery of goods against full payment. Our legal experience and advice as well as direct exposure to industrial practices has helped preserve our client’s interests, to the extent that many fraudulent buyers and sellers were exposed before any payments took place.

At the end of 2020 it is not just PPE products alone towards which we have expanded our business law services to.This year we are also vetting extensive contracts pertaining to the Engineering sector, the Solar power sector as well as the Defence procurement sector. Water filtration and desalinisation is something some of our key law partners are also working on, as State Level projects within the CPEC venues.