(background : common question often asked to our team, it is true that the smaller your order, the bigger chance there is of non-delivery and/or counterfeit PPE being received)


The Post Covid19 era means that you are 100% more likely to end up with non-delivery or counterfeit products if you order online from the fast growing retail and PPE vending sites with dubious company registrations.

What are your solutions where the total expense of your small to medium procurement for your food, health or office facility is below 10,000 USD?

For many businesses this is a small amount of money to lose and can be covered by insurance.However the majority of the businesses out there do not have this option.

When in doubt involve a lawyer, or simply email the product pictures to the owner of the brand.

Please note that during 2020 many large finance companies in USA went under by financing dubious Nitrile Glove offers in millions for Glove Brands in countries which had shut down product entirely for many many months during COVID.Examples of these were Cranberry brand, 3M Cardinal Gloves and even other brands like Hartalega and what not.

In the end no one could pay for the interest accrued on the money borrowed to finance these impossible to produce or procure as stock, glove quantities.In time embarrassed US vendors and medium finance companies had to take the hit and shut down, without much controversy or even taking taking legal action.

The other companies who suffered were the ones which ended up with Grade B Nitrile gloves, sold by the kilos as waste from Chinese companies, who had thrown out these batches for lack of quality.

The Majority of the VGlove Fraud and SkyMed Fraud in 2020 was a result of the drive to buy ‘Cheap Gloves’ to accommodate middlemen and greedy brokers.

But then again we saw instances of B Grade gloves literally being stuffed into counterfeit boxes.

Your main legal safeguards in this case should be :

(1) To incorporate liability for non-delivery, lying, cheating, misrepresentation and fraud in your broker’s agreements.Brokers in smaller transactions must be as liable as the Seller for promoting a good without checking.

(2) Demand a bank payment security or a security deposit from the intermediary seller or broker.

(3) Demand Samples at your own cost. A stitch in time saves nine.So the small cash you spend on the samples will be worth the bigger money you save over non-delivery and counterfeit goods.

(4) Always ask for the ID of the Sellers and Brokers.Keep your redacted ID available for inspection too. Demand the company documents as well as the tax registration number of the Seller as your right.

(5) You can involve our law firm to advise you on staying safe during a small procurement free of cost.

(6) Detailed Legal Assessment Reports on the risk and due diligence of any PPE transaction you are attempting can be made available via our team for a very humble Legal fee.Please send us an email, wherever you are in the world.

By Josh and Mak For Business

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