The ultimate solution to not getting scammed is to expect realistic prices and always demand proper documentation for each 3M respirator.

You may want to consider who your seller is and how long your chain of brokers is.

Also please pay attention to the pre-shipment inspection reports you receive.We received an inspection report recently which seemed too good to be true but clearly had the wrong barcode of the 3M 9332 masks printed on it.The masks had made their way to Germany and the sellers were adamant that the masks had always been in Germany, with no reason being given why the inspection report was issued by an Asian inspection company.

Please also pay close attention to reports claimed to be made by TUV SUD or Rheinland or SGS for pre-shipment inspections.Most of these are doctored reports , edited with images and such.

Below are three images from such dodgy reports for 3M 9332 masks.You can contact us for further guidance.

Example of a wrong EAN/Barcode
Ear loops in counterfeit 3M 9332 Masks are a critical indicator
When the Supplier lacks the intellect to actually understand the report is honestly indicating that the masks are dodgy and ends up using the report as proof that masks exist
At times a report will be screaming out loud that the goods are made in a first copy factory in China

Secondly, please always demand a 3M LOT certificate which confirms the Origin of the goods.

In case your vendor keeps beating around the bush here is what a LOT certificate should look like (see below).

Source : 3M’s Enterprise Resource Planning System Doc version 2017 or you can click here

Lastly, no matter how desperate you are, please do not place money in any Seller’s Escrow especially if it is run by a law firm.

When you pay a Seller in their business account you can safely recover money, or you can demand proper bank or corporate guarantees.

From our experience of 2020, we have witnessed many incidents where , the moment you place money in a Sellers lawyers escrow, that money is as good as gone and you can expect to get evasive replies for the next 12 months as your money disappears into offshore accounts and is invested/used to pay off serious debts of the charlatan seller and his accomplice lawyers.

p.s Yes 2020 was the final nail in the coffin of the credibility of the legal community which hosts escrows around the world.I have seen more honesty from Pawn Shop owners during my humble yet eventful legal career.

By Josh and Mak For Business

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