Here are the questions you should be asking yourself when as a supplier you are trying to sign a contract for 3M1860 Masks:

(1) Who am I signing the contract with?

(2) Does this person or entity have proof of direct sale via 3M or a 3M Distributor?

(3) How long have they been around?

(4) What proof of ID has been provided?

(5) If this is an import and advance payments are in scenario have you atleast sought a corporate or bank guarantee?

(6) Does the seller agree for authentication via 3M for your government end users?

(7) What type of genuine 3M warranties are being passed on?

(8) Have you encountered any suspicious comments or activity by the Seller?

Number 8 above is interesting.One of our clients in the past had an interesting interview with a so-called 3M Agent claiming their factories in China were Authorized by 3M USA to produce such masks.We all know these are first copy creating mills, and their masks are worth no more than 10 cents.And sadly these are now in circulation in the USA government supply chain.

Here is the conversation :

Client : If you are having the 3M1860 mask made in Chinese factories why does your box say ‘Made in USA’.

Agent: Oh we can print any Box for you.

The following image was shared:

It is disturbing to see, that a vendor will ‘package’ the 3M1860 masks in an origin Box of your choice.

Client : So don’t your buyers find this a bit troublesome? 3M1860 is not a model made by 3M China?

Agent: No, we have authorization.

Client: Look as far as I know FEMA wa supposed to get 3M China’s co-operation for its own domestic stock, if these were made under that collaboration, why are these in private sales circulation.

Agent : I do not know

Client : So, your Country of Origin LOT certificates come from 3M China?

Agent : No 3M USA

Client: That’s a legal risk 3M will not take.How do we know you are not selling clones.Do you have images of such factories?

Following images were shared :

So where are these mystery factories?

First Copy Masks are ready to be adjusted into a ‘Box of your choice’

It is true, of all the millions and allegedly billions of masks traded over the past one year, perhaps none of them were worth more than 10 cents, and the suppliers conveniently pulled the wool over the eyes of desperate front line workers and health agencies, but offering ready to pick up and on the ground ‘masks’ which were brought into the USA with questionable funding sources.

The truth is that at the end, 3M got none of these payments which governments and suppliers made for 3M masks, which makes one wonder what further revelations will occur in the coming days over counterfeit PPE in the coming days.

By Josh and Mak For Business

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