In addition to checking the mental health of anyone making such tall claims, it is important to know that logistically and practically OTG cannot exist in amounts over 1 million or lets say even 5 million especially because 3M 1860 masks are expensive to purchase, store (pay rent for warehousing), insure and transport.Considering the brand new scandal in February 2021 in the USA over fake masks being found in the government supply chain, it is hoped that these sham offers and claims will wither away.But then again, time and again we have learnt that there is no cure for human greed and stupidity even during a crisis like COVID19 when people should be praying away the apocalypse instead of counting their brokerage cents on 3M Transactions.

If you have a friend or a relative who is waiting for his brokerage fees which will magically appear after an SGS for 1 billion 3M masks is concluded, please refer them to a good medical professional immediately in addition to gently asking them to get a proper job because those bills will not pay for themselves.Things are picking up in the post- Biden USA landscape, so things should hopefully be better soon as counterfeit suppliers of 3M masks start pleading insanity triggered by greed and sloth while being questioned by the Federal law enforcement agencies.

If your friend persists to have these dangerous hallucinations, please refer them to our Blog as follows

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