Attaching ISO and CE certificates for 3M masks which can be easily obtained online is the oldest trick in the book to lend credence to a sham deal.In the past people promoting counterfeit have tried to attach 3M 1860 marketing brochures to give the impression of ‘solid’ documentation.

Unless you receive the LOT certificate of the goods which confirm the goods are authentic, and the documents you receive are not redacted by someone with the maturity and sense of a toddler, you should throw such offers out.

Two types of vendors can legally pass on 3M warranties and titles of 3M masks :

(1) The Verified 3M reseller whose name appears on the 3M LOT certificate and he has the shipping invoice from the relevant 3M to prove it.

(2) The Authorized 3M Distributor with a proper 3M Certificate to this effect.

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